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Image for How we can build on 2014 to develop a better circular economy in 2015
WRAP's Liz Goodwin suggests that despite some disappointments in 2014, this year can be one in which the circular economy gets stronger
Image for Collaborative approach throughout supply cycle key to zero waste ambitions
DS Smith's Mathew Prosser looks at why design is essential for resource efficient products
Image for Waste to energy plants and the energy efficiency spotlight
Untha's Chris Oldfield asked whether energy efficiency should be under great scrutiny at waste to energy plants
Image for Technology – mobile, social networks and cloud computing
The final article in our Top 10 Drivers for Recycling Change looks at the transformative effect of mobile, social networks and cloud technology
Image for Making your business work more efficiently
Our penultimate article in the Top 10 Drivers for Recycling Change series looks at business efficiency
Image for The next stage of legislation and regulation
Many in the recycling and resource sector will tell you that regulation and legislation has been key to raising rates and awareness in the UK.
Image for Changes to compliance?
In the next or our Top 10 Drivers for Recycling Change, we look at whether the producer responsibility environment is likely to develop
Image for The power and potential of Big Data
Big Data could transform the recycling industry, as our sixth Top 10 Drivers for Recycling Change article shows
Image for B2B collaboration and how it is becoming essential for businesses
Our next article in the Top 10 Drivers for Recycling Change series from Prodware and Resource Efficient Business looks at B2B collaboration
Image for Trading recyclable material as a commodity
Today we look at why high quality high value material is likely to be the future of trade of recyclable materials
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How to bake zero waste bagels

Maple Leaf Bakery has been working with Biffa IWM to not only reduce its waste, but also wipe out waste cost. Famous in the UK for its New York Bakery Co. bagel range, Maple Leaf Foods is a multi-national firm that produces goods such as bread and croissants particularly in its home nation of Canada but also in the Untied States.

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BMW i3 built to close the loop

The new electric car from BMW is a zero emission vehicle that has been manufactured with sustainability at its heart. Launched with great fanfare at the end of July, the BMW i3 is the company’s first model in its new i series of cars that aims to find solutions for vehicles in a world of climate change, dwindling resources and increasing urbanisation.

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