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Blog: The right time for Resource

Date: 10/10/2013 | Author: Adrienne Robins

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The right time for Resource

It feels like a lifetime since the doors closed on Futuresource at ExCel back in 2010. While it’s not that long ago, the intervening years have seen a significant shift in supply chain perceptions, aspirations and actions in terms of resource use and management.

Last night’s launch of Resource, billed as “Europe’s first major conference and exhibition for organisations looking to develop better resource strategy and ensure resource security” could well be right on the money. Quite literally in terms of cutting resource costs across. Click here for the exhibition low down

Co-locating the event with Eco Build, which in 2013 attracted more than 40,000 visitors from disciplines including architects, manufacturers, facilities managers and developers, has the potential to raise the resource messages with key target audiences and influence wider decision making and behviour change.

Because while our much loved and well established RWM offers the opportunity to visit around 750 exhibitors, attend a variety of excellent seminar sessions and in 2012  attracted nearly 13,500 visitors, it remains focused primarily on the recycling and waste management sectors. This new event is a completely different beast.

Resource promises to attract a more supply chain-focused audience and has a much wider brief to provide interest and solutions for manufacturers, retailers, designers, users and those involved within re-use and repair.

So far, no-one has managed to bring this complete supply chain together effectively, althought there have been plenty of sector-specific think tanks, reports and initiatives delivering part of the jigsaw.

Certainly, the Secondary Commodities Resource Leaders’ Summit, organised by Resource Efficient Business, held in Harrogate last June took a step towards bringing different sectors together, but I’m conscious that there are so many other industry-specific groups who are all debating similar topics, with a slightly different agenda and outcome.

As with most things in life, timing is all important, and for Resource it feels very much as if the time is right to bring these different elements together into one content-driven event. Manufacturers, designers, logistics companies amongst others are all looking for innovation, refinements and security across the resource supply and management sector – and this could be the place that they find them.

The Quantum team will be there – will you? We’d love to hear what you think.
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