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Image for Waste to energy plants and the energy efficiency spotlight
Untha's Chris Oldfield asked whether energy efficiency should be under great scrutiny at waste to energy plants
Image for Blog: RDF - not the magic answer but part of the solution
Marcus Brew, sales director and WtE specialist at UNTHA UK, on why there is a future for Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF)
Image for Blog: Phil Conran on why is a nightmare
360 Environmental's Phil Conran discusses why finding information on is almost impossible for recycling and waste companies
Image for Blog: Plastic products: designed for recycling?
UNTHA managing director Chris Oldfield discusses why we need better designed plastics to enable them to be recycled at end of life
Image for Blog: Wasted energy - the next big recycling opportunity?
Paul West from Minimise Energy looks at why recycling facilities will need to consider their energy use under new Government rules
Image for Blog: Making transport resource efficient
AkzoNobel sustainability specialist Johan Widheden looks at how the transport sector is becoming more sustainable
Image for Blog: is the metal's industry missing a trick?
'Are waste handlers realising the true potential of metal?', asks Chris Oldfield
Image for Doctor's Orders
Can Doctor Who teach us how to reduce waste asks Stuart Hayward-Higham?
Image for Blog: Paul Sanderson asks: who is the UK's resource efficiency champion?
In Europe Janez Potocnik is a huge champion of resource efficiency, but the UK doesn't have its own version
Image for Blog: SITA UK's Stuart Hayward-Higham on grasping opportunity and incentives
In his first blog, SITA UK's Stuart Hayward-Higham looks at missed opportunities and incentives to avoid landfill
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Circular Economy Roundtable Discussion Part 3

The final part of our discussion, looking at the business opportunities in the circular economy.

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Circular Economy Roundtable Discussion Part 2

Part 2 of this three-part discussion looks at the practical implications of the circular economy

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