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A new consultancy for the three Rs

Date: 25/09/2013 | Author: Paul Sanderson

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Born from waste management company Biffa, R3MC is seeking to make a holistic difference as Paul Sanderson found out


Recycling, recovery and resource are the three Rs referenced in the name of the new management consultancy R3MC.

Emerging from the newly renamed Biffa Integrated Resource Management (known previously as Biffa Integrated Waste Management), R3MC aims to revolutionise the environmental and financial aspects of sustainability.

Biffa IRM is a company that works slightly differently to its parent, as it works solely with commercial companies to deal with specific waste streams.

“This is an evolved version of Biffa IRM,” says Biffa IRM and R3MC general manager Robin Chambers. “Biffa IRM remains mainly for long-term recycling and waste contracts as there still remains a need for businesses that require tender services.

“But we have found that one of the biggest challenges for businesses is to find under one roof a full range of environmental consultants together. I don’t know of one consultancy that has all of these environmental services in one place.”

By this he means that R3MC will provide a broad church of environmental and economic services from gap analysis to compliance programmes, hazardous waste assessment, waste and energy usage, zero waste and zero cost strategies to environmental self-sufficiency.

“We will also be looking at procurement of green facilities,” he adds, “as well as other soft services such as procurement of green equipment based on our experience of doing that with Biffa IRM, applications for ISO standards and landfill diversion.

“It will be about telling people they can have a whole range of environmental services with a benefit coming to the company’s bottom line in terms of cost savings and revenue generation.”

Robin Chambers R3MCBut is this a way of rebranding Biffa services to get away from its waste heritage?

“We are backed by Biffa and proud of our Biffa provenance,” he says. “But it will have different branding and will act independently. Biffa might provide some services, but we will bring the best of the market to clients.

“Within Biffa IRM we brought savings of up to 90 per cent to customers. This business, R3MC, will be driven by me and other senior management from Biffa IRM and we will continue to run it.

“Some of the associate consultants that work in Biffa IRM will also work in R3MC, but longer-term, we see it as fully independent with its own team.”

Already, R3MC is working with some “progressive” food manufacturers on specialist projects.

“These projects would be too big for our Biffa IRM project managers, so this fits more into the holistic approach of R3MC and the wider services we can offer.

“We are seeing immediate take up from food manufacturers, but the challenge for us is to get other businesses interested in our services.

“Zero to landfill is now key and resource management is at the heart of what we do with clients at R3MC.”

With both Biffa IRM and R3MC, he is keen to lead the businesses to be forward-thinking and ahead of the more traditional view that is seen with some “waste” companies.

He adds: “A number of companies say they have integrated services, but don’t have a resource manager on site so they can’t really understand the business they are working with and work towards dealing with the business’ needs.

“But we also need to raise the impression of the industry. We need to make it more sexy and not just about bins and drivers.

“It is important that we get designers involved and get young people involved so that we can make the most of our resources as efficiently as possible.

“Companies like R3MC will have to push for something different and be accessible, while also using our vast waste and resource knowledge to help UK PLC.

“We will only be as good as the quality of the products we put out there and we are looking to attract the right talent to R3MC and getting them onboard.”    

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