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Image for A look ahead to Sustainability Live
Sustainability Live takes place next week. Find out more in our special preview.
Image for Can Sweating our Assets lead to a resource efficient economy?
Jane Rayner reports from the launch of the Sweating our Assets report and finds out whether politicians can drive us to a resource efficient economy
Image for The new exhibition, the new Resource
The Resource exhibition takes place from 4-6 March and we preview it here
Image for Our Top Five, no Six, Favourite Resource Efficiency Tweets - 26 Nov
Look inside to find out our selection of our favourite tweets
Image for Our Top Five Favourite Resource Efficiency Tweets today
Our selection of resource efficiency and recycling related tweets we have spotted today
Image for SCM Environmental's Joe Savage's monthly PRN market update
SCM Environmental's Joe Savage updates on the latest packaging figures and what it means for the PRN market and compliance
Image for Reducing £6.9 billion in food and packaging waste
WRAP is working on helping retail grocery businesses see the benefits of reducing food and packaging waste in their supply chain
Image for Get smart, get efficient
Smart city technology could transform the way we deal with waste, transport, water and energy as a new report discovers
Image for PRN trading remains steady in September
SCM Environmental's Joe Savage gives his monthly update on the PRN market
Image for Checking for end-of-waste
A new tool can help companies assess their product for end-of-waste criteria


Circular Economy Roundtable Discussion Part 3

The final part of our discussion, looking at the business opportunities in the circular economy.

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Circular Economy Roundtable Discussion Part 2

Part 2 of this three-part discussion looks at the practical implications of the circular economy

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