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Image for FCC pushing for more energy from waste following General Election
The chief executive of FCC has called for the next Government to focus on more investment in energy from waste infrastructure.
Image for Energy from mixed waste should not get renewable energy subsidies, says Zero Waste Europe
Zero Waste Europe (ZWE) has called on the European Parliament to exclude subsidies for waste-to-energy from the mixed municipal solid waste currently included in the Commission’s proposal on RED II.
Image for Nappies and sanitary products to be turned into energy at new facility
Hundreds of millions of feminine hygiene products, nappies and incontinence pads disposed of in public and commercial bins and currently sent to landfill each year can now be recycled to produce clean energy, according to PHS Group.
Image for Diageo generates more than 6,000MW of heat from whisky waste
In its first year of production, Diageo’s anaerobic digestion facility at its Glendullan distillery in Speyside has generated 6,000MW hours of thermal energy.
Image for FCC chief executive: recycling industry is broken
The chief executive of FCC Environment has said that reports of the rejection rate of recycling being at their highest since 2011 shows the recycling “industry is broken”.
Image for Energos goes into administration
The waste to energy gasification facility specialists Energos has gone into administration.
Image for Veolia buys wood fuel business Boomeco
Waste wood reprocessor and refuse derived fuel producer Boomeco has been bought by Veolia.
Image for Three waste to biofuel schemes to share £25 million of funding
The Department of Transport is to share £25 million to help develop green biofuel from waste technology.
Image for Network Rail to turn coffee grounds from stations into fuel
Coffee grounds from some of the UK’s busiest train stations are to be turned into fuel.
Image for Dairy set to build gas-injected anaerobic digestion plant in Lake District
Clearfleau is to build an anaerobic digestion facility for First Milk that will provide biomethane for the gas grid.
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