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Image for Bacardi make soap out of lemons left in bar drinks
Bars in Australia and New Zealand have been collecting left behind lemons from drinks and giving them to Bacardi to make soap.
Image for Global bioplastics production continuing to grow
The production of global bioplastics is predicted to grow by 50% in the next five years, according to European Bioplastics.
Image for £4 billion from hidden waste could be generated for UK economy say Veolia
A report from Veolia has said that £4 billion of value for the UK economy could be generated from the ‘hidden’ waste for three economically vital sectors.
Image for Progress made on plastic flexible packaging recycling solution
A consortium that is investigating developing solutions for the recycling of flexible plastic packaging has reported on progress at the end of the two-year project.
Image for Akzo Nobel and Community RePaint open second paint recycling hub
A second paint remanufacturing hub has been opened by Akzo Nobel UK in partnership with Community RePaint on the Wirral.
Image for European Union expands Ecolabel criteria for circular economy computers, furniture and footwear
Manufacturers of footwear, furniture and computers that wish to use the EU Ecolabel will now have to comply with new strict criteria including more recyclability.
Image for Almost half of consumers want manufacturers to take responsibility for recycling mobile phones
A survey by Greenpeace has found that consumers think mobile phone manufacturers release too many new models, and don’t do enough to recycle them.
Image for Total unveils new circular HDPE compound with high recycled content
Chemicals and refining company Total has developed a circular economy HDPE compound that it says outperforms virgin materials.
Image for Starbucks to trial new easier to recycle coffee cup
A UK company is launching a new easier to recycle coffee cup that it says can be thrown into paper recycling bins.
Image for UK’s first circular officer chair launched by Premier Sustain and Orangebox
A fully remanufactured office chair has been revealed by Premier Sustain and Orangebox.
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How to bake zero waste bagels

Maple Leaf Bakery has been working with Biffa IWM to not only reduce its waste, but also wipe out waste cost. Famous in the UK for its New York Bakery Co. bagel range, Maple Leaf Foods is a multi-national firm that produces goods such as bread and croissants particularly in its home nation of Canada but also in the Untied States.

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BMW i3 built to close the loop

The new electric car from BMW is a zero emission vehicle that has been manufactured with sustainability at its heart. Launched with great fanfare at the end of July, the BMW i3 is the company’s first model in its new i series of cars that aims to find solutions for vehicles in a world of climate change, dwindling resources and increasing urbanisation.

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