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European recycled paper exports fell by 4.6% in 2014

Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2015 | Author: Paul Sanderson

Image for European recycled paper exports fell by 4.6% in 2014

Exports of recycled paper from Europe fell in 2014, according to the latest data from CEPI.

A total of 9,557,000 tonnes were exported from European countries in 2014 with 93.7% of this going to Asian destinations.

This compares to 10,019,000 tonnes in 2013, representing a fall of 4.6%.

According to the 2014 Key Statistics report from CEPI, within Europe packaging paper mills used the most recycled content accounting for 67.6% of the paper recycled in Europe.

This was followed by graphic papers with 22.9% of the total of the 47,546,000 tonnes of recycled paper used.

The utilisation rate of recycled paper within total paper production in Europe in 2014 was 52.2%.

Corrugated and craft was the most recycled paper with 22,187,000 million tonnes used, with newspapers and magazines representing 11,208,000 tonnes next. This was followed by 9,144,000 tonnes of mixed papers.

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