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LME sees almost all metals up on Tuesday

Date: Wed, 20 Jul 2011 | Author: Paul Sanderson

Image for LME sees almost all metals up on Tuesday

Copper was higher on the LME yesterday, but exchange rates brought only little gains in sterling.

In dollar terms, copper settled up at $9,779 from the $9,694 on Monday. But with the dollar getting stronger against the pound again, in sterling terms, the increase was from £6,028 on Monday to £6,065 yesterday.

Aluminium crept up to $2,512 on Tuesday from the $2,474 seen on Monday. In sterling, this meant an increase to £1,558 from £1,539 on Monday.

Lead settled at $2,762 (£1,713) up from $2,736 (£1,701) on Monday. Nickel finished at $24,000 (£14,886) again up from Monday’s $23,770 (£14,783).

Tin was at $27,550 (£17,088) on Tuesday up from Monday’s $27,145 (£16,882). Zinc was also up to $2,471 (£1,532) from Monday’s $2,429 (£1,510).

Steel was the only metal down, dropping to $570 (£354) compared to Monday’s $575 (£375).


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