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Staffordshire metal company expands rapidly through small sources

Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 | Author: Paul Sanderson

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Ward and Sherratt Recycling has become multi-million pound business in less than a year.

The company in Stoke-on-Trent has seen its rapid growth due to looking to source huge numbers of small transactions.

It started with just six collection bins and a couple of staff a year ago, but now has 25 staff, hundreds of collection bins, two operating sites in Stoke and a two acre depot in Hong Kong.

The company was started by Jason Sherratt who saw a similar system in Hong Kong and brought the idea to the UK. The company is now planning to expand into other areas outside of north Staffordshire and offers a nationwide collection service.

Commercial manager Richard Kilby told the Sentinel newspaper: “One advantage of the service is security. Thieves can’t pilfer from them the way they can from outdoor skips, which can be a big problem with some metals worth between £120 and £4,000 per tonne.

“And with frequent collections, donors get improved cash flow and better prices, which are more in line with current values, than they would if some of their metal had been sitting in a skip for months at a time.”

The company is also looking to move into other areas of the recycling market.  

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