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Image for Resource efficient - yes we 'can'
LRS managing director Dee Moloney looks how tins and cans have been made resource efficient
Image for Making the Mini
A new model Mini has led to BMW upgrading its UK manufacturing capacity to ensure a more resource efficient production process
Image for From coffee cup to luxury packaging
UK manufacturer James Cropper is the first company in the world to turn waste coffee cups into luxury packaging materials.
Image for Fully recyclable and compostable ready meals
Manufacturer KCC Packaging has developed a new ready meal food tray that is fully recyclable and compostable
Image for Taking glass even lighter
Belu and Rawlings have worked together to make a mineral water bottle even lighter. David Balhuizen and Tom Wood explain their partnership
Image for Compostable recyclable packaging
Cullen Packaging has become the first UK company to get compostable packaging certification for a recyclable product
Image for Recovering rare metals from catalysts
UK-based company Tetronics International has been working with Japanese firm Furuya Metal Co to develop a plasma pyrometallurgical facility that will recover platinum group metals from spent catalysts.
Image for How to bake zero waste bagels
Maple Leaf Bakery has been working with Biffa IWM to not only reduce its waste, but also wipe out waste cost. Famous in the UK for its New York Bakery Co. bagel range, Maple Leaf Foods is a multi-national firm that produces goods such as bread and croissants particularly in its home nation of Canada but also in the Untied States.
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