233kg of suspected stolen lead for recycling seized by Lancashire Police


Police have seized a large quantity of lead during an operation cracking down on metal theft.

Officers from Lancashire Police in Wyre confiscated over 233kg of lead after making spot checks on vehicles and carrying out visits to scrap metal yards.


During a day of activity, 18 vehicles were checked for stolen materials, with a number of arrests taking place.

Lancashire Constabulary operations department Inspector Geoff Tagg said: “Metal thieves cause misery for countless people across the country. Metal stolen from railways, electricity substations, telecommunications hubs, schools, churches, residential properties and businesses affect many people.

“There are not only financial consequences for victims but there are usually further complications, such as damage caused by thefts itself, delays caused to trains, loss of electricity or phone lines and the costs of repairs for subsequent weather damage as rain leaks in through unprotected roofs.

“These operations will now become a feature of policing in Lancashire, with scrap metal dealers being visited on a regular basis and vehicles carrying scrap and owners being asked to account for the metal.

“We will continue to target those who steal scrap metal to profit from the misery of others and businesses that assist in this illegal trade. Our actions are not designed to inhibit those dealers who operate legitimate businesses, but to target unscrupulous dealers operating outside the law.”