£3.3 million Eco Sustainable Solutions anaerobic digestion plant opened


Eco Sustainable Solutions has opened an anaerobic digestion facility at Piddlehinton in West Dorset.

The £3.3 million facility was opened by Councillor Hillary Cox, who is chairman of the Dorset Waste Partnership Joint Committee.


It will supply electricity and gas generated from food waste from Doreset householders to the Mole Valley Farmers’ neighbouring Dorchester Feed Mill. This will make it the first feed mill in the UK to be completely powered by renewable energy.

Councillor Cox said: “I’m absolutely chuffed to see this plant up and running, providing renewable energy from what were previously food scraps.”

Eco Sustainable Solutions managing director Trelawney Dampney paid tribute to the help his company had received from the Dorset Waste Partnership. He added: “This is a highly efficient plant and I believe it will act as a blueprint for future resource projects.”

The plant will take 15,000 tonnes of food waste annually as well as 6,000 tonnes of pig slurry to create methane, which will be turned into 498KWh of electricity.

Digestate will be used on local farms.