5p plastic bag charge could be extended


The 5p charge on plastic bags sold in large retailers throughout England could possibly be extended to nearly all retailers, as part of the Government’s plan for the environment. 

Although the charge applies for larger retailers, it excludes shops and chains with 250 or less employees. 


BBC political correspondent Ben Wright has stated that there would be a consultation on the 5p charge and extending it into smaller shops in England. 

It is believed that the Government will now extend the charge to include these retailers, as Environment Secretary Michael Gove told the cabinet that the Government was “determined to tackle the throwaway culture which plastics encapsulate.” 
According to the Government, the 5p charge on single-use plastics bag in England has seen usage of single use bags reduce by 90%. 

Association of Convenience Stores Chris Noice said that extending the 5p charge is “good for the environment and good for the retailers taking part.”