70% of consumers would switch brands to ones that have better environmental credentials


A study undertaken by Forum for the Future and commissioned by aluminium recycler Novelis has found that 70 per cent of consumers would consider switching brands if one could demonstrate better environmental credentials.

Working with marketing research agency Madano Partnership, the study was conducted with 3,000 people across the UK, US and Poland to help gain consumer insights into Novelis’ evercan product. This is an aluminium sheet certified to contain at least 90 per cent recycled content, and is seen by Novelis as a circular economy exemplar.


The key findings of the study were that sustainable packaging adds brand value as people want to buy products and services with a positive environmental and social impact, they see waste as a problem that needs to be tackled by companies, and they wants brands to help solve environmental problems.

Novelis vice president and chief sustainability officer John Gardner said: “Although aluminium is one of the most abundant metals in the earth’s crust, extracting it from bauxite is an energy intensive process and has environmental impacts to consider.

“However, recycling produces exactly the same product, saving 95 per cent energy and carbon emissions. Our focus on recycling technology and capacity expansion at Novelis is based upon the belief that it’s the right thing long-term not just for our business, but supports a fully closed-loop system with positive social, environmental and economic impacts for all stakeholders.”