ABS, PET and copper imports into China up but no change for aluminium and paper


Imports of PET into China jumped up in particular in December, while there was also growth seen in ABS and copper imports.

PET in slices or chips was up to 21,212 tonnes in last month compared to the slump seen in November of just 11,954. The value of this was $33.5 million (£21.75 million) from $22.26 million (£14.27 million) in November.


ABS was also up to 158,487 tonnes in December from November’s imports of 153,753. However, the value of this was down to $331.9 million (£215.5 million) compared to November’s $333.2 million (£212.95 million), although as can be seen the exchange rate between sterling and the dollar was beneficial.

Copper also increased to 450,000 tonnes from 430,000 tonnes in November. This was the highest import level seen in 2011. The value of this in December was $1.495 billion (£0.97 billion) compared to $1.49 billion (£0.96 billion) a month earlier.

Aluminium was unchanged on 280,000 tonnes, but the value dropped to $465.4 million (£302.2 million) in December compared to $487.3 million (£312 million) in November.

Paper was also unchanged with imports of 250,000, but the total value of this also fell to $313.5 million (£203.6 million) in December compared to $324 million (£208 million) the month before.

January’s figures are likely to be down when published in February due to the Chinese New Year festival taking place towards the end of the month when most of China will be on holiday for a week.