Accreditation mark for sustainable recycling in print sector launched by Reconomy and FESPA UK


Reconomy and FESPA UK have launched an accreditation mark for UK printers to shows they recycle sustainably.

Many printers have low volumes of material, that can be contaminated, so find it hard to get reliable and high quality waste management services.


Print trade association FESPA UK and waste services provider Reconomy have been working together to build a network of printers and suppliers that will enable more sustainable processing options for printed material such as point of sale, advertising, exhibition and display waste.

Under the new scheme, recycling solutions for difficult-to-recycle materials such as PVC and polyester banners, self-adhesive vinyls, siliconised backing papers and rigid polypropylenes have been found.

These materials tend to be offcuts and scrap from printers.

One supermarket chain has recycled 346 tonnes of used banners since the scheme started earlier this year.

The scheme has been given a new visual identity with a logo to show printers and suppliers are part of it.

Reconomy director Jon Hutton said: “Our mission is to develop a national infrastructure of solutions that enables all graphics media, no matter the volume, from only being collected and treated as wastes, to being readily recyclable.

“This is a huge goal, and a journey that requires collective action throughout the industry to make it happen.

“It may be a five-year journey to create a truly sustainable situation that has been embraced by the industry, where pre- and post-consumer graphics waste producers choose recycling as the preferred treatment route.”