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Advanced Plasma Power receive planning permission for Birmingham facility


Planning permission has been granted for a proposed 6MW commercial waste to energy plant from Advanced Plasma Power (APP) in Birmingham.

The facility will be the result of the Energy Technologies Institute (ETI) competition to design the most cost-effective, economically viable and efficient commercial energy from waste demonstrator plant possible.

Using the Gasplasma technology from APP, the facility will produce a clean syngas that can efficiently generate energy with minimal visual and environmental impact.

Three companies have been selected by ETI to design and develop a plant to demonstrate the maximum possible efficiencies, higher than previously produced in the industry, for plants operating at commercial scale. This is part of a competition under which one of the plants will be built and operated as a demonstrator.

If APP is successful, the plant could be up and running by 2015.

APP chief executive Rolf Stein said: “Securing planning permission is an important step in moving forward with the ETI competition. This project will enable us to further demonstrate that our technology is highly-efficient, cost –effective and a green alternative to power generation that can reduce carbon emissions, keep energy costs low for consumers and divert waste from landfill.”