Advanced Sustainable Development plans PET plant in North West England

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Recycling firm Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) has said that it is looking to place a PET plant in Ellesmere Port.

Recycling firm Advanced Sustainable Developments (ASD) has said that it is looking to place a PET plant in Ellesmere Port in the North West of England. 

ASD are in discussions with Peel Environmental about locating at its 54-acre Protos site in Cheshire. 


The plant will use innovative technology to recycle PET plastic with an aim to work along the entire journey of a plastic bottle, from the distribution centre to shops, in the consumer hand, the disposal and the return of the material to its own processing facilities.  

ASD has chosen the North West due to the “forward thinking for sustainability” shown in Greater Manchester’s 5-year Environment Plan, and Liverpool’s bid to become the world’s first climate positive city by the end of 2020.   

ASD will be implementing technology in recycling PET plastic into food-grade materials. 

The business aims to address the micro- and macro-challenges facing the recycling sector in the UK and wants the country to become a world leader in recycling.  

ASD chief executive Ahmed Detta said: “We look forward to working in the North West and bringing our innovative technology to the region. We hope the people of the North West will embrace the circular economy and work with us to make recycling a social norm and help make the UK a world leader in recycling. We hope to work with Peel Environmental, part of Peel L&P, who are aligned with our vision in creating and supporting innovative technology in the North West of England.” 

Peel Environmental managing director Myles Kitcher said: “Our vision for Protos has always been about using innovative technologies to create value from waste, recover resources and provide low carbon energy sources which then can be used on site and exported to the local area. The ASD technology could complement other developments at Protos which are looking to create a use from waste plastic and divert it from landfill.” 

ASD has said that it hopes to build relationships with organisations and charities in the North West to promote sustainability.  

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