Airbus sets up composite material recycling board


Europe’s aeroplane manufacturer Airbus has set up the Airbus Composite Recycling Advisory Board.

The idea of the board is that it will establish the company’s vision, strategy, objectives and roadmap for recycling and reusing composite materials.


Already, various research and technology projects for recycling carbon-fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) are either underway or planned at various Airbus sites.

These projects seek to examine and validate the techniques and industrialisation for recycling and reusing waste products from the CFRP process including the hard cured wastes and softer uncured materials.

By 2020-2025, the project targets for 95 per cent of CRFP manufacturing process wastes to go through a recycling channel, with 5 per cent of the waste products to be recycled back into the aerospace sector.

The board is being created with the aim of creating a sustainable lifecycle for jetliners.