ALPLA adds HDPE recycling to its PET recycling capacity

ALPLA HDPE recycling
ALPLA uses rHDPE to manufacture milk bottles

Packaging firm ALPLA is moving into HDPE recycling following its acquisition of two facilities in Spain.

The company, which produces plastic packaging at facilities around the world, currently operates two of its own PET recycling facilities in Austria and Poland, as well as joint ventures in Mexico and Germany.


These operations currently have capacity of 70,000 tonnes per year.

Now with its acquisition of Suminco near Barcelona and Replcal north of Madrid, these two plants once expanded will give ALPLA 35,000 tonnes of HDPE recycling capacity.

Currently, the facilities produce corrugated pipes from recycled HDPE, but ALPLA intends to use them for creating recycled HDPE for packaging manufacture.

ALPLA head of recycling Georg Lässer said: “The investment in the two recycling plants in Spain brings us one step closer to our overall goal of being the leading manufacturer of sustainable plastic packaging.”

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