ALPLA and FROMM collaborate to increase PET recycling rates

FROMM plant
The recycling plant Texplast GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of FROMM Plastics GmbH.

Austrian packaging solutions company ALPLA and packaging system business FROMM have agreed to collaborate to try and increase PET recycling rates and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Both companies operate recycling plants for PET bottles and ensure the necessary supply of materials for their own production facilities. 


The businesses hope that a major benefit of working together will be simplified access to markets in the respective countries.  

ALPLA head of corporate recycling services Georg Lässer said: “The requirements at our production sites complement one another very well. At ALPLA, we mainly need clear, food-grade pellets. Fromm processes coloured flakes for strapping bands.” 

He added that this collaboration will ensure the necessary quantity and quality of materials for production for both sides.  

FROMM owner Reinhard Fromm said: “The three recycling plants are integrated in various procurement markets and complement one another ideally in the procurement of raw materials.” 


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