Alupro concerned that new packaging targets could undermine recycling success


Higher targets will be required to ensure that the maximum of aluminium is collected for recycling, according to Alupro.

In response to the consultation on new packaging recycling business targets for 2018-20 from the Government for paper, steel, aluminium and wood, the Alupro has said that is is “frustrated that the proposed options within the consultation…do not reflect the ambition of the the aluminium sector to maximise recovery and recycling of this valuable material.”


The current target for 2017 of 55% would have proposed options including:

  • No rise up to 2020
  • A 2% rise per year to 61% by 2020
  • A 3% rise to 64% by 2020.


Prior to the consultation, Alupro pressed Defra to increase the 2017 target to improve the rate of recycling of aluminium.

It will therefore support the higher level of 64% but would like these targets to be stretched even further.