Alupro expresses concern regarding Scottish deposit return scheme proposal

Aluminium cans
Aluminium cans

Following the announcement from the Scottish Government about the details for its deposit return scheme (DRS), Alupro has said that it is worried about the 20p deposit proposed for all sizes of containers.  

The trade association said that this is double the level typically used in Scandinavian DRS programmes, and this high level of deposit across all sizes of containers will lead to “unintended consequences”, especially on the sales of multi-pack cans, as the price will increase.  


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It explained that the proposed 20p deposit would increase the cost of 24 cans in a multipack by £4.80, while the same volume of drink sold in four 2-litre plastic bottles would rise by 80p.   

According to Alupro, in the UK almost 80% of drinks cans are sold in multi-pack format, and in Scandinavia, the majority of cans are sold individually.  

Research conducted in Scotland on Alupro’s behalf found that almost all (97%) of alcoholic cans from a multi-pack were drunk in the home, and 72% placed in household recycling. However, 23% of consumers said that they would switch to larger plastic bottles, if a 10p deposit were placed on all containers. 

Alupro believe that the impact of the proposed 20p is likely to be even more significant, and would result in more plastic bottles being sold, and a decline in the number of recyclable aluminium cans.  

The trade association has said that it has raised its concerns directly with the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland.  

It believes that the deposit should vary according to the size of the container as it does in Scandinavian countries, in order to avoid distorting the market. This would help the level the playing field across multi-pack cans and large format plastic bottles.  

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