Apple now offers free recycling of its products worldwide


Users of Apple electrical products will be able to recycle their end-of-life products at Apple Stores worldwide.

Previously, only certain countries including the UK, offered this service where used products could be exchanged for gift vouchers.


Ahead of Earth Day today (22 April), Apple also launched a new website ( that revealed the efforts it is taking to make its business more sustainable.


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In a section called ‘Finite Resources’, Apple outlined how it is working to use less materials and recycle more. This includes using 74 per cent less aluminium and steel on the Mac Pro than on the previous design. While the latest iMac uses 68 per cent less material than the first design.

Apple said on its website: “We’ve come up with innovative ways to minimise the environmental impact of our raw materials by using more recycled, recyclable and sustainable plant-based materials. From the aluminium in our notebooks to the paper in our packaging, we’re conscious of every material we use. And of using every material responsibly.”

It also noted that in 2010, Apple set itself a goal to achieve a collection rate of 70 per cent by total weight of the products it sold seven years earlier. Since then, it has consistently reached 85 per cent.

The company is now seeking to identify new recycling technologies that can help it recover additional materials and increase resource efficiency.