Application for Viridor’s Beddington Energy Recovery Facility submitted


A planning application has been submitted to the London Borough of Sutton by Viridor to build an energy from waste plant at its existing landfill and recycling site in Sutton.

The application also proposes revised plans for the restoration of the existing landfill site.


As a result of feedback received during a public consultation, the design of the Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) has been changed to remove the proposed curved roofplate, which helps to minimise the apparent bulk of the building in some views.

A brown roof has been added to the building, and the stack height will be reduced from 100 metres to 85 metres following computer modelling and assessment among other measures.

Viridor head of planning Ian John said: “We have been proactive in engaging with the local community seeking their views and the feedback received has been taken into account in the development of our application.

“The Environmental Statement that accompanies the planning application contains the assessments carried out by independent experts of the potential impacts associated with the proposals. The results show that there will be no significant adverse impacts to the local community or the environment from the proposed ERF.”

A decision on the planning application is expected to be made in early 2013. If the application is approved, work on site will start shortly after, and construction and commissioning will take about three years to complete.