Ardagh finds solution to weather impact on glass recycling


An energy efficient solution has been implemented by Ardagh gas to combat the problem of cold weather.

When recycled cullet is delivered to the glass plant, it is typically stored in outdoor bunkers, where it is subject to variations in climate.


If it has accumulated significant levels of water, snow and ice, it will require higher temperatures, and therefore more energy to remelt it in the furnace.

At Ardagh’s Nienburg plant in Germany, a new solution has been found that recovers hot air from the furnaces.

Hot air is drawn at 80°C across the furnace, before it enters an heat exchanger that raises the temperature to 120°C. This hot air is then piped to the bunkers making the cullet idea for remelt.

Annual energy savings of €116,000 (£83,000) have been achieved along with a CO2 reduction of 334 tonnes.

Ardagh Group chief executive glass Europe Johan Gorter said: “This is one of many planned actions we are taking throughout our European plants as we strive to meet the very highest sustainability performance standards.”