Ardagh Group invests in aluminium can end facilities to give more flexibility


Ardagh Group has announced that following its recent completion of a significant investment project, it will now supply two additional beverage ends from its Deeside plant, the 200 B64 and the 202 CDL ends. 

This comes after the conversion of its final 202 B64 module to the more sustainable 202 CDL end.  


Ardagh Metal Beverage chief executive Oliver Graham said: “Our goal is to remain a leading supplier of inherently sustainable packaging by continuously pursuing superior solutions. This significant investment in Deeside strengthens Ardagh’s position in the marketplace and allows us greater flexibility in end sizes to support both existing and new customer requirements.” 

The Deeside UK plant was established in 1988 to produce 206 diameter ring pull ends and in 1994, it converted to 202 B64 aluminium ends to support new sizes. For the past decade, the plant sent zero waste to landfill.  

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