Associated Waste Management set to open new MRF near Leeds


A new MRF is set to be opened in Leeds by Associated Waste Management (AWM).

Shadow chancellor Ed Balls will be at a special open day at the £12.5 million facility next week that will process around 200,000 tonnes of material per year. AWM has contracts with Bradford, Calderdale and Leeds councils to process 250,000 households across the region.


The new plant contains two Rentec  pre-shredders to size materials and feed the plant. Screens, air drum separators and magnets and eddy current separators add to the kit inside the MRF.

Any residual waste will be sent to Denmark as a refuse derived fuel for use in combined heat and power plants.

The company was formed in 2000 by John Brooksbank and has trebled in size in the past three years. During this period it has bought Just Recycling Group, Aero Waste Disposal and Leeds Environmental Organisation.