Association for Organics wants to merge into Renewable Energy Association


The board of trade body Association for Organics (AfOR) has recommended to its members that it should become a part of the Renewable Energy Association (REA).

AfOR managing director Jeremy Jacobs has written to members of the organisation asking for their support for the move, while also revealing that a merger with the Anaerobic Digestion and Biogas Association had been considered, but REA was considered a better strategic fit.


In the letter, he wrote: “At a time of uncertainty and increased regulation, it has never been more important for the biodegradable resource sector to have a strong, unified and influential trade association working on behalf of industry, ensuring that a sense of proportionality is maintained by regulators and influence can be exerted within Government at the highest level.

“A criticism levelled at our sector in the past has been that there is too much fragmentation. This can at best confuse the listener and at worst dilute the strength of the message which is being conveyed. In order for a trade association to work effectively on behalf of its members, it must be unified if it is to convince Government of the case for change.

“For these reasons, the AfOR board has decided that it would be in the interests of all the members of AfOR to merge with another trade association, with wholm we share a number of synergies. The objective is to increase the strength and influence of our members. This trade association is the Renewable Energy Association.”