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Associations call for continued waste trade post-Brexit

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The Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Dutch Waste Management Association (DWMA), has called for a continued trade in waste for recycling and recovery between the UK and Europe post-Brexit.  

In a joint statement, the two organisations highlight the significance of staying within the trade system, with ESA executive director Jacob Hayler stating that it is “absolutely vital” and “should continue to be as frictionless as possible”.  

ESA has said that although it sees Brexit as an opportunity for the UK to develop its treatment capacity for recyclable and residual waste, that we should not forget self-sufficiency cannot yet be achieved, especially for recyclable materials.  

DWMA director Dick Hoogendoorn said that for a circular economy to grow, the need to stop large scale landfill across Europe is essential, and it is willing to lend other member states a hand with this problem. 

He added: “Dutch waste companies can help with the treatment of waste for recycling and recovery from other European countries until they have developed sufficient capacity. Nations are becoming increasingly interdependent concerning the sound treatment of waste. This counts for almost all countries within Europe.” 


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