Axion launch MOT service to help boost MRF profitability


A dedicated staff training package for materials recycling facilities (MRFs) that is aimed at helping operators to improve productivity and profitability has been launched by Axion Consulting.

The MRF Operator Training Service (MOT) focuses on training employees in safe and effective materials recovery, including how to recognise valuable waste products.


Axion recycling training specialist Roger Hudspith said: “Properly-trained pickers are a vital, yet often overlooked, element of a MRFs operations. An informed and well-trained workforce is the key to success in the waste industry. Knowing the value of products, such as metals, plastics, paper, textiles and electronic waste is crucial to their efficient recovery, and in turn, maximising returns on investment.”

Axion’s MOT offers a complete range of hands-on WAMITAB-certified training and assessments for MRF operators at all levels, including NVQ Level 2 in Sustainable Waste Management. Programmes range from risk assessments, new starter packs and site waste operational and duty of care training to recycling operative tuition.

Full health and safety audits can also be provided to ensure compliance with the Health and Safety at Work Act (HWSA) 1974 and demonstrate evidence of the required levels of on-site technical competence.