Axion launch new service to help packaging sector improve end of life


Axion has launched ‘Design for Recycling’, a new service that aims to help the plastic packaging industry ensure that the packaging on the market has been improved for end of life and product protection.  
The service is targeted at various stakeholders in the food and drink sector who have shown interest in increasing their plastic packaging and addressing the pollution problem. 

These stakeholders include packaging designers, food manufacturers, brand owners and retailers.  


To ensure recycling targets are achieved, “Design for Recycling” will play an essential role in creating a better domestic recycling infrastructure, say Axion. 
Axion head of circular economy Richard McKinlay said: “The spotlight is very much on plastics. Momentum is building as the issue of how we manage packaging waste is climbing up the agendas of every nation.  

Brand owners taking action now on their packaging designs can future-proof them against forthcoming issues. This would help to gain a competitive edge in a more environmentally-focussed consumer environment. 

Axion’s new system is based on an understanding of the resource recovery sector, including the design, build and operation of its plastic recycling facilities, with existing products or new designs being evaluated on its level of recyclability.  

Richard McKinlay added: “Our analysis helps clients to understand how their packaging will be treated at end of life and how this is impacted by the design of the pack. By identifying the characteristics that reduce the material’s value at end of life, we can suggest alternative choices that can be more readily recycled. 

The service also supports the people working with industry initiatives to improve the recycling process of plastics and develop end markets for this material, including Courtauld 2025, Plastics Industry Recycling Action Plan (PIRAP), the European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) and the new Plastics Economy Project.