Axion Polymers and Volvo demonstrate the use of sustainable components in new cars

Keith Freegard ans volvo

Axion Polymers has supplied its 100% recycled polymer from end-of-life vehicles to help automotive manufacturer Volvo demonstrate the use of sustainable components in new cars. 

The Manchester-based recycler’s Axpoly PP polymer was blended 50/50 with a polypropylene recycled from packaging waste to reach a specification required by vehicle designers for reuse in new vehicle components. 


A first sample of this plastic blend has been used successfully to create both internal and external body parts for a new car in a collaborative demonstration project for Volvo Car Group. The project involves more than 40 vehicle component suppliers. 

This year’s REB Market Intelligence Summit is taking place on 2 October and will look at end destinations for materials. Find out more here

At the Ocean Summit conference in June, Volvo said it aimed to have 25% of plastics in new cars made from recycled materials after 2025.  

Axion Polymers associate consultant Keith Freegard said: “It was great to take part in the Ocean Summit debate and to see large multi-national organisations making strong commitments to tackle this worldwide and hugely-significant issue. 

“Seeing the ‘first adopters’ take the lead in such an important market as motor vehicles really gives me hope that the problem of ocean plastic pollution can be solved by taking such positive action for change.” 


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