Axion Polymers invests £1 million in end-of-life vehicle recycling plant


Plastics recycler Axion Polymers has invested a further £1 million this year to optimise materials recovery from its end-of-life (ELV) facility in Trafford Park, Manchester.

Axion’s in-house engineering team designed, built and now operates the specialised shredder waste advanced processing plant (SWAPP) with S Norton & Co, which is one of the UK’s leading ferrous and non-ferrous metal recyclers.


Opened in January 2011, the plant is capable of delivering 95 per cent recycling and recovery of materials from ELV ahead of the 2015 European recycling and recovery target.

Axion Polymers director Roger Morton said: “This latest cash injection is part of on-going efficiency optimisation at the facility, which has an annual 200,000 tonnes capacity. It enables Axion to separate the non-metallic fractions from the equivalent of about 800,000 cars a year.

“Although the operation is still developing, we are already delivering the 95 per cent recycling and recovery target through a combination of plastic recycling, producing materials for the construction industry and fuel to substitute coal.”