BAM puts resource efficiency as one of its key sustainability metrics


Construction firm BAM Construct UK has put resource efficiency as one of its six new sustainability metrics.

Along with sustainable design, carbon, sourcing responsibly, community and health and wellbeing, resource efficiency will be one of the metrics it uses when measuring its new building projects.


The major company has launched a new microsite where it gives examples of highly sustainable projects it has delivered such as the Co-operative Group headquarters in Manchester, Leeds Arena and the National Centre for Network Rail in Milton Keynes. It has also give pre-construction advice to Google on its proposed headquarters at Kings Cross in London.

On the microsite, it also follows BAM’s progress in sustainability and provides insights into the company’s sustainability experts.

BAM director of sustainability Nitesh Magdani said: “We believe in a cradle-to-cradle approach, which means looking at the environmental and commercial impacts of a building through its whole life cycle with the aim of minimising value destruction at the end of a product’s life.

“The sustainability team at BAM includes a range of professionals from site managers and environmentalists to architects. We advise our teams on issues including sustainable design, waste and environment management, community engagement, LEED and BREEAM certification, post occupancy evaluations and air quality issues.

“The microsite will help BAM teams work even more slickly to promote truly sustainable solutions to clients, but will also be a valuable resource for others in the industry to learn from our experience and expertise.”

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