Beauparc Utilities invest €15 million to build a recycling facility in the UK

plastic film

Irish company Beauparc Utilities, which owns waste companies Panda and Greenstar, has announced that it is investing €15 million to build a new plastics recycling facility in the UK. 

According to the company, this move is to enhance its expanding recycling business and counter the Chinese restrictions on European waste imports. 


Beauparc chief executive Eamon Waters said: “We are delighted to be making this investment as a move to offer our customers a more sustainable recycling solution for plastic waste. Previously, as a company, we had to heavily rely on China as the only destination for plastics recycling.  

“The new facility, which will slot in with Beauparc’s growing UK presence, will employ approximately 40 people and will process waste plastic films from both Ireland and the UK into new plastic products.” 

Discussing the reason why the facility is being in the UK, the chief executive explained that the company had to react quickly in order to continue to collect its customers’ recycling bins, following China’s closure of its borders to plastics from Europe.  

He added that the regulations for waste management in Ireland meant that the company could take over two years to gain the necessary approvals to establish a recycling facility in the country, whereas the UK has “ready to go protocols in place” to allow it to start development on an approved site as soon as possible.  

Operations are expected to begin in August this year.

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