Berry Global providing Coca-Cola with tethered caps in Europe


Packaging manufacturer Berry Global has started producing tethered caps for The Coca-Cola company for its PET bottles.

Under the European Single-Use Plastics Directive, plastic beverage bottles of 3 litres or less must have a tethered cap by July 2024. This is intended to reduce littering and increase recycling.


Berry Global has is the first packaging manufacturer to supply Coca-Cola with these caps in Europe, and over 400 million of these closures have been applied in bottling plants in Germany, Spain and the UK.

The rollout will continue in the company’s other European plants.

Berry Global vice president Circular Economy & Innovation Thierry Bernet said: “Innovation in packaging design is key to helping our customers meet their ambitious sustainability goals while delivering attractive, functional solutions that meet and exceed constantly evolving market demands.

“Because PET bottles are the most recycled plastic package type, this collaboration has tremendous potential to help keep resources in use and out of our environment.”