Beverage carton recycling continues to soar according to latest figures  


The latest figures on beverage carton recycling in the EU shows a 47% recycling rate in 2016. 

This follows the continued upward trend since 2005.  


According to the data from Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE), this means that 430,000 tonnes of cartons have been recycled at over 20 paper mills across Europe. The overall recycling and energy recovery rate reached 76% for 2016. 






ACE director general Annick Carpentier said: “We are delighted to see this substantial increase in the recycling of cartons across Europe in 2016. Separate collection is a key element in any type of recycling, and the continued increase in the beverage carton recycling rate across Europe indicates that beverage cartons are increasingly being collected, allowing them to be recycled.” 

Fundamental progress has been made since the nineties when ACE began analysing the recycling rate of beverage cartons in Europe. ACE also found that EU member states with appropriate packaging systems in progress are achieving increasingly high recycling volumes.  

ACE UK chief executive Richard Hands said: In the UK our focus has been on building access to recycling facilities for all. This year we hit our milestone of two out of every three or 66 % of UK local authorities collecting beverage cartons at kerbside for recycling. 

When recycling bring banks are included, 92% of local authorities now collect beverage cartons for recycling, ensuring that the vast majority of households in the UK have access to a carton collection system.