Biffa calls for new UK environmental strategy  


A new Biffa report has suggested that UK Government and industry come together to capitalise on a new post-Brexit world. 

Biffa revealed this in a new report entitled The Reality Gap 2017. 


It states that acting now is essential in order to shape the UK’s environmental future. 

While the report states that the UK has achieved a lot in improving its environmental sector, it also addresses the problems that need to be discussed if the entire waste and resource industry wants to remain productive.  

Biffa acknowledged that recycling levels have little changed and that although 45% of the UK recycle household waste and 60% recycle commercial and industrial waste, Biffa claimed that without Government intervention the sector will decrease.  

The company noted that the UK needs a new strategy for residual waste with a better improved infrastructure.  

Biffa finalised its report stating that the UK needs to accept the role of landfill if the country wants to avoid a disposal crisis. 

Biffa chief executive Ian Wakelin added The waste industry is more than capable of rising to these challenges and needs clear policy direction to enable the necessary capital investments to be made.”