Big brands put on notice by Enval about inaction over plastic aluminium laminate waste


Enval has put big brands on notice about their inaction over the world’s 5,000,000 tonne problem of plastic aluminium laminate waste 

The company’s chief executive Carlos Ludlow-Palafox has written an open letter to businesses including Unilever, Kraft, Nestle Mars, and Colgate, asking for support in investment in new processing capacity and to get behind efforts to process post-consumer waste.  


According to Enval, more than 10 billion laminate packaging products are sold each year in the UK, but fewer than 1 in 20,000 is recycled.  

To manage the waste, Enval has created a commercial scale plant to deal with the material and recover the aluminium into reusable ingots, with successful trials under the company being undertaken by manufacturers and waste companies.  

It says that reluctance to make an initial investment in expanding its plants by these companies and lack of involvement by the FMGG brand owners means that its plant is still the only one in operation.  

The chief executive said: “FMCG brands are using laminate packaging because of its exceptional characteristics and cost and environmental benefits. Yet the fact remains that more than 10 billion pouches, tubes and sachets end up being thrown away in the UK alone. This is inexcusable now that we have an environmentally sustainable and economically viable solution. 

“Brands and regulators now need to put their money where their mouth is and ensure that laminates can be genuinely reprocessed, and these materials brought into a circular economy that benefits both the market and the planet.” 

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