Biogen to build anaerobic digestion facility in Hertfordshire


Anaerobic digestion firm Biogen has announced that it plans to build a facility in Hertfordshire.

The AD plant will be based just off the A1 road at Bygrave Lodge Farm near Baldock in Hertfordshire.


It will treat 45,000 tonnes per year of food waste from food manufacturers, supermarkets and restaurants to generate electricity for the national grid and a biofertiliser for local farmland.

The facility will produce enough power for 4,000 homes, which is approximately the number of households in Baldock.

With planning permission already secured, it is now in the pre-construction and tendering phase with work expected to commence on March ahead of an opening in mid-2014.

Biogen chief executive Richard Barker said: “The plant is in an excellent location which will enable us to extend our service to new customers in Hertfordshire and North London.

“Once completed and when counted alongside Biogen’s other AD projects being built around the UK, this will make a significant difference to our current food waste processing capacity, doubling it by early 2014.”

The company currently owns AD plants in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire and has begun construction on two more plants in Caernarfon and Denbighshire. It is also preferred bidder for an AD contract in Rhondda.