BIR remains concerned about metal theft from containers


Members of the BIR are being encouraged to use the services of the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) in order to combat metal theft and fraud.

BIR remains concerned about high levels of container theft and has been working with IMB to collate information on this problem. It is encouraging its members to report any container thefts to IMB so that data can be analysed to provide meaningful assistance to the industry in combating the problem.


Recently, BIR has become aware of cases where containers have been tampered with en route, with the criminals finding ways to open certain types of container while leaving the seals intact. It is only when the container arrives at the consignee’s warehouse that the theft is noticed.

It appears that organised crime is increasingly involved in theft of containers, according to BIR.

IMB also has records of over 200,000 companies allowing BIR members to check the trading history of companies, in order to avoid potentially fraudulent scenarios.