BIS opts to introduce compulsory WEEE recycling scheme membership


Producers of electrical items will need to join a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS) under new WEEE regulations to be introduced in 2014.

Following a consultation, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has opted for option three after 95 per cent of respondents preferred this option.


However, if producers fall under the de minimus threshold for EEE placed on the market, then they will need to register directly with a relevant environment agency.

The move is a response to the recast of the WEEE Directive by the European Union.

Compliance scheme REPIC chief executive Philip Morton said: “REPIC welcomes the Government’s decision to progress with option three as it provides all stakeholders with a pragmatic and fair solution while addressing the majority of concerns we put forward regarding the current WEEE system in the UK.

“This is a positive new era for WEEE recycling.

“Option three was the most viable option from the outset and we very much support the added protection against producers having to fund the higher than true cost of recycling as well as the peace of mind that it provides to local authorities that 100 per cent of WEEE will be collected regardless of any target.

“We look forward to working constructively with all stakeholders to achieve a smooth and timely transition.”

Other notable key features of option three includes:

  • Each PCS will be given a tonnage by category of EEE placed on the market in proportion to the Member State target and the total market share of their members during the previous compliance year
  • Proportion of the member state target to be met by PCSs to be set annually by the Government. Relevant environment agencies will then use this when calculating the individual PCS obligations which will be notified to each PCS by 31 March of the relevant compliance year
  • PCSs are free to make any collection arrangements for household WEEE. A PCS may collect more or less than the obligation it has been given.

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