Bourke Waste benefit from new Presona baler


Irish waste management and recycling company Bourke Waste Removal and Recycling Services is benefitting from a new Presona baler.

The company has bought a LP 60 VH1 model and is using it to bale cardboard, paper, plastics, carpet and various other materials from municipal and business collections.


Bourke has already noticed the increased throughput capacity and operational speed, plus improved operator safety, when compared to its old baler.

Presona’s engineering team redesigned the existing conveyor pit to fit the new baler and integral conveyor.

Bourke Waste Removal and Recycling Services managing director Stanley Bourke said: “We are delighted with the new Presona baler. We are very impressed with many features, especially the safety features, easy operation, and excellent bales produced with the automatic tying system. It has increased our output greatly and we are very happy with it.”

Presona sales manager Matt Hawkes added: “The Bourke team first saw the LP Series baler at RWM 2014. It soon became clear that they could significantly improve their operational efficiency by replacing their outdated baler with an LP 60 model.”

This LP series baler also includes Presona’s energy efficient pre-press technology. When compared to a traditional shear baler, this delivers a significant reduction in energy costs as all the power goes into the compaction process. This also leads to less wear and tear and less noise.