British Plastics Federation warns of viability of plastics recycling


The viability of plastics recycling is being threatened by low oil prices, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) has said.

Low oil prices are not only threatening businesses, but the recycling record of the whole supply chain it has warned.


BPF is therefore calling on companies in the downstream supply chain, when considering their material selection policies to keep to the fore that high recycling targets have to be met under the Packaging Waste (Producer Responsibility) Regulations.

It also noted that many companies support increased recycling levels in their corporate social responsibility programmes.

BPF director general Philip Law said: “The carbon saving and resource efficiency benefits of plastic products has been enhanced by the increased levels of plastics recycling seen today. Plastics recycling is an essential component of the whole chain’s sustainability message, and we should not allow our record to regress.”