Britvic to invest £850,000 in UK infrastructure

Britvic Robinons factory Norwich Pic: Department for Business, innovation and skills Link:

Drinks company Britvic has announced that it is investing £850,000 annually in UK recycling infrastructure through its commitment to only buy domestic PRN’s from UK recyclers. 

The company signed up to a partnership with environmental compliance company Comply Direct in January 2018 and has since not purchased any export recovery notes which are generated by UK exporters. 


It has chosen to only buy PRN’s from UK recyclers, meaning its investment is only being used for the UK recycling industry.  

Britvic has said that this move is driven by the company’s commitment to protect the environment and support a more circular economy.  

The current PRN system is set up so it’s easier and more profitable to export waste abroad, meaning 67% of plastic packaging waste is sent overseas from the UK where there is less visibility over the outcome of the materials, said Britvic.  

From this, it is working with the Government and stakeholders to push for reform of the PRN system. 

Other commitments made by the company include: 

  • Making its PET bottles 100% recyclable 
  • Reducing the amount of material used in each bottle 
  • Working with customers to encourage consumer recycling 
  • Using 15% rPET across its brands by 2020.  

Britvic senior sustainability manager Alison Rothnie said: “We understand the environmental impact packaging can have at the end of its life, and we are committed to playing our part to reduce this. By committing to only buy PRNs from UK recyclers, we are investing in better recycling infrastructure in the UK, helping to ensure more waste is recycled here where we can track its progress, and creating a stronger supply of recycled PET (rPET) which is a crucial part of developing a truly sustainable circular economy.” 

The drinks company is also signed up to The UK Plastics Pact. 

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