Bukkawaste launch online waste collection app for households

Cardboard recycling

Waste management company Bukkawaste has launched the UK’s first ever online waste collection service for households.  

Following 12 months of research and development, the company has launched an app in response to the trend of reduced waste collection services across Greater Manchester and increased demand from consumers. 


The app is the first online waste collection service that allows consumers to pick a day and time that suits them for their waste to be collection from home.  

Bukkawaste said that the app is easy and simple to use once downloaded. A collection time is chosen by the householder, a notification will be sent to confirm, as well as a reminder closer to the time. 

The service is available for £9.99 per collection and no contract is required, although if you book one collection, you get five cardboard collections for free.  

Anyone within the Greater Manchester area can download the app and access the service.  

Bukkawaste founder and managing director Joe Rogers said: “Councils are reducing services and consumers are suffering and need more. While Trafford council is tackling the problem well – other areas across the region are being left behind and something needed to be done. 

“I saw there was a real opportunity for me to tackle this so I took time out of my career to really investigate the industry and look how I could use my experience, knowledge and expertise and evolve it into a service that would help people. As a result – I launched Bukkawaste.” 


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