Camerons Brewery goes zero waste to landfill with J&B Recycling


Hartlepool brewery Camerons has achieved zero waste to landfill.

This follows a partnership with local firm J&B Recycling in which it has worked on recycling all of its manufacturing waste.


Camerons Brewery director of packaging and brewing Martin Dutoy said: “Previous to using J&B Recycling for all our waste management services, things were not as efficient as they could have been and we certainly weren’t recycling as much as we could.

“It was our aim to have zero waste sent to landfill and I am delighted that we have achieved that accreditation after just a few months with J&B Recycling. The first thing we did was to come in and carry out a waste audit to identify how much more material we could be recycling.

“It’s also very encouraging to be working with a local company which is practically on our doorstep because that again reduces our own environmental impact and helps boost the economy in Hartlepool.”

J&B Recycling collects materials from Camerons each week including manufacturing waste such as drums and tins that contain the hops. This material is then sorted at J&B Recycling’s materials recycling facility for commercial and industrial waste in the town.