Campine buys Recylex PP recycling plant in France


Belgian scrap metal recycling and chemicals company Campine has bought a PP recycling plant in France from Recylex.

It has also acquired to battery recycling facilities as part of the deal.


Campine has taken on the C2P plastic recycling subsidiary that belonged to Recylex following insolvency proceedings undertaken by the latter company.

The 11,000 tonnes per year C2P PP recycling plant in Villefranche was bought as part of the overall deal for €0.75 million (£637,000) following a judgment by the commercial court in Paris.

Campine intends to use the acquisitions to recycle more material from its current lead metal scrap.

It also sees potential to grow the PP recycling business through working with its speciality chemicals division.

Campine chief executive Wim De Vos said: “This is a huge step for us. Campine is now really a multi material recycling enterprise. We are one of the very few companies effectively recycling and producing metals, chemicals and plastics.

“With the addition of the two battery breaker plants, we also realise a next step towards a higher material recovery rate in our waste recycling processes.

“There are considerable synergies with our specialty chemicals business in terms of technology and customer base and the plastics recycling business offers plenty of chances for growth.”